Lochailort Station's modest presence and equally modest shelter which can just be seen in the distance. The original buildings were demolished many years ago.   The regular summer special Jacobite steam train passes tender first, through Lochailort station, on the return journey from Mallaig to Fort William.

Lochailort is a request stop serving the small village at the head of Loch Ailort. It sits at the junction of the road to Mallaig and the A861 to Salen and Strontian There is an Inn with accommodation close to the station. The whole area is very beautiful and steeped in history. The rugged terrain also provided an excellent training ground for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) Commandoes during the Second World War.

The Mallaig line passes behind this church which featured in the film 'Local Hero'. The church was paid for by the Chiefs of Clan Cameron on condition that it could be easily seen from their home. It stands out on the open and exposed hillside for this reason.

The whole area is very beautiful and the rugged terrain provided excellent training ground for the special operations executive (SOE) commandos in the Second World War.

An example of the scenery which travellers on the Mallaig extension of the West Highland can enjoy is shown below. Note the scenery is equally beautiful whether viewed from a steam train or a ScotRail service Diesel Multiple Unit.

K4, The Great Marquis heads a special October charter across the short causeway at the west end of Loch Eilt, 2km east of Lochailort Station. The landscape is seen in the russet hues of autumn.












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