Corrour, at a height of 1,338 feet above sea level, is the highest station on the British railway network and one of the most remote. 06 02 09corroursummit01 copy 2.jpg Located in the vast wilderness of Rannoch Moor and not accessible by public road, the station offers access and adventure for walkers and climbers to a challenging part of Scotland. In winter it can be very demanding and dangerous for all but the most experienced of walkers who are competent and properly equipped to navigate and survive in extreme arctic conditions. The station also provides access to a remote youth hostel located on the western shore of Loch Ossian.

There is a bar/restaurant also providing accommodation beside the station, though due to the isolation of this location, it is essential to check on availability before relying on this facility.



Corrour Station and surrounds, March 2014

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                                                                               Corrour Station, February 2009. The restaurant is on the left.

The above aerial view gives a splendid idea of this the highest and most remote mainline station in Britain

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A Mallaig/Fort William-Glasgow summer service approaching Corrour Station at 12.28hrs September 2007. The train has just past the summit signs marking the highest point on the line.

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The 08.51 Glasgow Queen Street-Fort William/Mallaig summer service passes 'The Loch of the Sword', Lochan a' Chlaidheimh, between Rannoch and Corrour Stations. Contrary to popular belief it is often bright and sunny on Rannoch Moor.  Below is a winter view of the Corrour area.

corourwinter freight copy.jpg

A Fort William-bound freight train has just passed through Corrour station and is starting the long descent to Tulloch. Loch Ossian and the Ben Alder massif is in the background right and Beinn Eibhinn is on the left. The high pass is the Beallach Dubh (Dark Pass) which eventually leads to Loch Ericht and Dalwhinnie.

LNER K4 No. 61994020907corrourssummit3ns552864 copy.jpg 'The Great Marquess' passes the summit, 500m NW of Corrour Station on 2nd September 2007, with a charter train bound for Fort William.

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