Extra winter Sunday service for Oban

There will be two Sunday trains a day between Glasgow and Oban for the winter timetable, starting this year.

It has been announced that the 1220 Glasgow-Oban and 1211 Oban-Glasgow ScotRail services will now operate all year round after previously being summer only, following some continued campaigning by the Friends of the West Highland Lines.

It is yet another boost for services on the Oban line, which have been greatly enhanced during the last few years.  Earlier this year ScotRail had doubled the the number of daily trains running Monday-Saturday, while 2010 had seen a new through service from Edinburgh introduced on Summer Sundays.

In recent years, the 1820 from Glasgow and 1811 from Oban have been the only trains on Sundays on the line, meaning it was only possible to arrive at either destination late in the evening.  The inclusion of the 1220 and 1211 services respectively will now give passengers a daytime option.

PLEASE NOTE - The change is not included in the current ScotRail timetable, which has the trains listed as running until 26 October only.  New versions are being produced to include the extension into the winter period.